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Science Fiction Book Bundle

November 12, 2015

It’s a science fiction book bundle!  My Philip K. Dick award-winning first novel, Terminal Mind, is available for the next three weeks as part of a bundle of 9 science fiction e-books by various authors.

How much does it cost?  Good question: you can decide.  Here’s how it works: You enter an amount you think the 9 e-books are worth to you.  If it’s at least $3, then you get 5 of the 9 books (including Terminal Mind).  If it’s at least $12, then you get all 9 books.  Simple as that!  You can even decide what percentage of what you pay goes to the authors.  Check it out!


Writing for Kids

October 12, 2015

cover_kindle_mediumAny parent who has read hundreds of books to their children has thought, at one time or another, about what it would be like to write one themselves.  My friend Nancy Fulda is here today to tell us how she came to do just that!  Her new book (published under the pseudonym Sherrida Pope) is AN OWL GOES TRICK-OR-TREATING.  Here’s Nancy:


We write. And we parent.
And sometimes, doing one helps us accomplish the other.
Two months ago, I had no intention of writing a children’s book. I was busy with Other Things, and perhaps I really should have stayed focused on them. But I’d been reading stories with my children – Bunnicula, Alice in Wonderland, The Narnia Books – and the magic and wonder of children’s literature was seeping into my soul.
There’s something uniquely alluring about a children’s book, especially when you read it with a child sitting beside you. They are books filled with optimism. With possibilities. And they do not shy from the ridiculous.
So when the idea popped into my head – quite without warning – of a little chapter book about an owl who wants to go trick-or-treating…
Well. We all know who can be blamed for that.
I roped my children into the creation process. I figured if my muse was going to make me write a children’s book when I had far more urgent projects going on, I might as well do the marketing properly. My daughters (and my niece) gave feedback on potential cover images. My nine-year-old offered plot advice, and it is entirely due to her input that Genevieve the cat emerged.
My twelve-year-old, who always laughs loudest when something is funny, offered no concrete feedback at all. But he’s the child I had in mind when I sent Arthur plummeting into a candy bowl. The image of all those feathers and toffees flying across the room… yes, that would appeal to my son.
In a way, a parent is uniquely qualified to write, not just children’s stories, but any story which connects the reader with the boundless possibilities of our universe. I am never so filled with awe as when I gaze at the stars with a child. Never so indignant as when I see someone block a child’s development. Children bring us in touch with some of the deepest feelings available to humanity, and while they are surely not the only avenue to those emotions, they are one of the most reliable.
A few days before the final proofs went live, I sat down with my children to test read the book. They looked at the illustrations (checking frequently to be sure they had not missed any). They listened to each chapter. And then, right at the point when the outlook seemed bleakest, and Arthur the owl had been thwarted yet again in his hopes of Halloween Happiness, my six-year-old turned to me with big blue eyes and said:
“Aw…. Poor Arthur.”
Bingo. That was the moment I’d been waiting for. We finished the proofs and sent out the final documents. Because if Arthur’s story could connect with my six-year-old, it could connect with others.
Because that is the magic of children’s literature.
* * *
Sherrida Pope, who also publishes as Nancy Fulda, lives and writes in the scenic area near Utah Lake. She has three children, a pet hedgehog, and a transient appreciation for classical music.
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The New News on the Mooz

September 15, 2015

Today my story “All The Rage This Year” becomes available to read on Moozvine.  It’s one of my favorites, the award-winning short story that really kicked off my writing career.  The world of this story–biological mods in a cratered Philadelphia–was the seed idea for my debut novel, the Philip K. Dick Award winning Terminal Mind.  “All The Rage This Year” was read and judged by top New York agent Eleanor Wood (who later became my literary agent) and Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game, etc.) and picked for an award anthology that was my first big break into the world of professional publishing.  I’m still tremendously proud of it, and I think the world and the characters in this social satire stand among the best things I’ve ever written.

But…what’s Moozvine?  Funny you should ask.

It’s a new crowdfunding concept in publishing fiction being taken for a spin over. Here’s how it works: Stories get released to the public after a certain total amount of money is paid. If it’s already released, anyone can read it for free, or for a donation amount that they choose. If it’s not yet released, you can pledge any amount you wish, but you pay nothing until the goal is met. When the goal is met, the author is paid, and the story is made available to the world.

It’s a pretty interesting model. The site just launched, and there are a growing number of stories available there from some great authors like Nancy Kress, Ken Liu, John Chu, Tom Doyle, Nancy Fulda, and Lawrence Schoen.

In my case, the story is free!  It’s already made available to the public.  You can just pop over there and read it for nothing, or you can leave me a tip if you like the story enough that you’d like to pay me something for it.  (But really, you can just go ahead and read it for free…)  Enjoy!

The Story Behind the Story

September 13, 2015

If you want to read more about how Supersymmetry came to be written, check out this “Story Behind the Story” at!

And if you want to read about how awesome Superposition is, don’t take my word for it–check out what Philadelphia’s premier geek magazine has to say.

It’s Supersymmetry Launch Day!

September 1, 2015

As you read this, book store employees across the nation are setting out copies of SUPERSYMMETRY on the shelves!  It’s an exciting day for me, and I hope for you as well.  Supersymmetry was great fun to write, perhaps even more so than Superposition.  I’m very pleased with the result, and looking forward to all of you finally getting a chance to experience the story.  Supersymmetry is more of a companion novel than a sequel — it stands alone as a story in its own right, so even if you haven’t read Superposition, I hope you’ll give it a try!

Here are some links to make it easy:

USA: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound | Powells | iTunes

Canada: | Indigo

And here is what people have been saying about it:

“Thrills and spills and sheer excitement on full-throttle overdrive.”

“This sequel to Superposition is just as excellent as the first.  Fast-paced, mind-bending, super-scientific yet fully accessible and very understandable to the layman reader.  Full of new possibilities and probabilities, Supersymmetry gives readers a peek into what the future may hold and the cost that comes with it.  This is a science fiction novel full of humanity and all its inherent beauty and ugliness.”

“Supersymmetry is a heart-pounding page-turner, a masterpiece of science fiction”
—The Internet Review of Books

After you read it, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think!

Superposition selected for a Daily Deal!

August 28, 2015

Good news!  Superposition has been selected for today’s Daily Deal!  That means that Amazon chose it for a special promotion and is offering the e-book for only $2.99 for one day only.  But don’t worry–if you don’t have a Kindle, all the other e-book types will discount to match!  So no matter what e-reader you have, you can get Superposition for only $2.99 on Friday, August 28th.  It’s a great opportunity if you–or anyone you know!–has yet to read the book.

Amazon readers have loved this book, first choosing it as a “Book of the Month” and then as a “Best Book of the Year So Far” in the science fiction category.  I don’t know if Amazon takes this into account, but it’s great timing for a sale, with only four days left until the Supersymmetry release.

Here’s the Amazon link, though the price should be good wherever you buy e-books.

These Books Are Not The Same!

August 19, 2015

I love the covers for Superposition and Supersymmetry.  They don’t exactly depict any character or situation from the books, but they capture the books thematically, and they’re certainly eye-catching.  But I’m afraid that casual bookstore browsers won’t notice that these are, in fact, two different books!  So here’s a shout-out to all readers of Superposition wandering through bookstores in September: You didn’t already read this one!


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