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It’s Supersymmetry Launch Day!

September 1, 2015

As you read this, book store employees across the nation are setting out copies of SUPERSYMMETRY on the shelves!  It’s an exciting day for me, and I hope for you as well.  Supersymmetry was great fun to write, perhaps even more so than Superposition.  I’m very pleased with the result, and looking forward to all of you finally getting a chance to experience the story.  Supersymmetry is more of a companion novel than a sequel — it stands alone as a story in its own right, so even if you haven’t read Superposition, I hope you’ll give it a try!

Here are some links to make it easy:

USA: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound | Powells | iTunes

Canada: | Indigo

And here is what people have been saying about it:

“Thrills and spills and sheer excitement on full-throttle overdrive.”

“This sequel to Superposition is just as excellent as the first.  Fast-paced, mind-bending, super-scientific yet fully accessible and very understandable to the layman reader.  Full of new possibilities and probabilities, Supersymmetry gives readers a peek into what the future may hold and the cost that comes with it.  This is a science fiction novel full of humanity and all its inherent beauty and ugliness.”

“Supersymmetry is a heart-pounding page-turner, a masterpiece of science fiction”
—The Internet Review of Books

After you read it, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think!

Superposition selected for a Daily Deal!

August 28, 2015

Good news!  Superposition has been selected for today’s Daily Deal!  That means that Amazon chose it for a special promotion and is offering the e-book for only $2.99 for one day only.  But don’t worry–if you don’t have a Kindle, all the other e-book types will discount to match!  So no matter what e-reader you have, you can get Superposition for only $2.99 on Friday, August 28th.  It’s a great opportunity if you–or anyone you know!–has yet to read the book.

Amazon readers have loved this book, first choosing it as a “Book of the Month” and then as a “Best Book of the Year So Far” in the science fiction category.  I don’t know if Amazon takes this into account, but it’s great timing for a sale, with only four days left until the Supersymmetry release.

Here’s the Amazon link, though the price should be good wherever you buy e-books.

These Books Are Not The Same!

August 19, 2015

I love the covers for Superposition and Supersymmetry.  They don’t exactly depict any character or situation from the books, but they capture the books thematically, and they’re certainly eye-catching.  But I’m afraid that casual bookstore browsers won’t notice that these are, in fact, two different books!  So here’s a shout-out to all readers of Superposition wandering through bookstores in September: You didn’t already read this one!

Preorder Party!

August 7, 2015

It’s come to my attention that Amazon is offering half-price preorders for the SUPERSYMMETRY paperback!  Supersymmetry comes out on September 1, only 4 weeks away, and once it does, it will be back to full price.  Now’s your chance to pick it up for a song.

Supersymmetry is a sequel to Superposition, but it stands alone as its own story.  It starts up 15 years after the end of the last book, and follows a pair of twins . . . if you’ve read Superposition, you can probably guess who!  The varcolac is back, of course, and new technology that promises to change the world.  Here it is in the words of RT Book Reviews:

This sequel to Superposition is just as excellent as the first.  Fast-paced, mind-bending, super-scientific yet fully accessible and very understandable to the layman reader.  Full of new possibilities and probabilities, Supersymmetry gives readers a peek into what the future may hold and the cost that comes with it.  This is a science fiction novel full of humanity and all its inherent beauty and ugliness.  FANTASTIC – KEEPER”

So join the party and preorder now!  (Or consider it a two-for-one deal, and order a pair . . .)

Fathers in Science Fiction

June 22, 2015

i_am_your_fatherI sometimes contribute to a site called Novelocity, where a group of published authors recommend and talk about books.  This is often in response to a question, and today’s question (it being Father’s Day) was about favorite fathers in science fiction and fantasy.  Those of us who contributed actually found it pretty difficult to think of many fathers, and even harder to think of good fathers.  Um . . . Darth Vader?  Tywin Lannister?  The options aren’t very strong.  To read what we came up with, you can check out the article here.

I wasn’t going to mention my own work on Novelocity, but anyone who’s read my novels might have noticed that this is an imbalance I’m trying to set right!  All of my books (and most of my short stories) have fathers as significant characters, and families always play a big role.  In two of my books (Quintessence and Superposition), the main relationship of the book is between a father and a daughter.  Of course, that may be because I have five daughters of my own.  I wasn’t doing it to right an imbalance, particularly, but because fatherhood is a significant part of what I know and love.  But I like to think that in my own small way, I’m contributing something that the genre apparently needs more of.  Fathers who love their children!

The Most Wonderful, Agonizing Secret

June 8, 2015

ClockworkCrown_331x500Beth Cato visits the blog today with a peek behind the scenes into the experience of being an author.  Beth’s first novel, The Clockwork Dagger, earned her a ton of fans when it came out last Fall.  The sequel to that book, The Clockwork Crown, hits bookstores tomorrow!  To celebrate, Beth is here to discuss a subject most authors don’t like to dwell on: the long, terrible wait to announce a book deal.


If you’re a writer with dreams of publication, you’ve imagined the various kinds of “Calls.” The call from an agent, saying they love your book and want to represent you, and the biggest call of all: the one from your agent, saying a publisher wants to buy your book. It’s something you’ve worked toward for years, maybe decades. It’s a life changing moment.

And you can’t…. tell… anyone.

Well, very few people, in any case. It’s a moment where you want to scream and yell and hug random strangers on the street, and you’re effectively gagged and bound. Worst of all, your muteness can last for weeks. Maybe months.

In my case, it was four and a half months until I could announce my two-book deal for The Clockwork Dagger. Why?

– Big Publishers Do Not Move Quickly

Different methods of publication have different positives and negatives. Self-publishing has the benefit (and sometimes the detriment) of almost instant publication. Prep your document, upload, done.

The larger New York City publishing houses hold great power. This means their books are distributed worldwide, gain major media attention, etc, but also means there is bureaucracy. Paperwork often takes a while. This is also because of a lot of back and forth work between the author’s representative (an agent or a literary lawyer… and trust me, you need someone to read the fine print with a contract of this magnitude) and the contracts department of the publisher. There will be haggling over every single line. This is a good thing in the long run, even if it drives you bonkers now.

– Don’t Count Your Chickens

Until all the signatures are on the contract, the deal is not done. Things can fall through. The publishing industry is volatile and editors often switch jobs or houses. Bad things can happen.

That means it creates an extremely bad situation if you hop on Twitter straight away and scream, “OMG BOOK DEAL!” This announcement is not just seen by your fellow authors. It’s also seen by other editors and publishing personnel who you might work with in the future. It makes you look hasty and unprofessional, and could sabotage you with future deals. Your book deal is a piece of succulent meat; don’t eat it raw. Season it, cook it, and indulge at the right time.

– Tell a Trusted Few

My agent knows I know social media. She also knows how good news of this scale makes an author want to explode with glee. She cautioned me. “DON’T TELL ANYONE OTHER THAN YOUR HUSBAND.”

“I have to tell my mom!” I said.

“Will she keep it a secret? She won’t go on Facebook or anything?”

“My mom isn’t on Facebook. She can’t even copy and paste!”

I found it a relief to tell a few of my closest friends–fellow writers–who I could then vent to over the months as the wait dragged on. And yes, my mom and husband kept the secret, too. Just make everyone vow to keep it all mum until the time is ripe.

– When Can You Tell the World?

I didn’t make an announcement the day I signed the contracts. That’s because the paper still needed more signatures. I sent the parcel along to my agent and waited a few more weeks. Everything is official-official once the deal is announced in Publishers Weekly. I found out that my Clockwork Dagger deal was done when a friend sent me a Twitter message along the lines of “ZOMG @BETHCATO HAS A BOOK DEAL!”

Then, and only then, I hit my own capslock key to type my announcement everywhere possible online. FINALLY.

That was a good day.

BethCato-steampunk-headshot100x150Beth Cato hails from Hanford, California, but currently writes and bakes cookies in a lair west of Phoenix, Arizona. She shares the household with a hockey-loving husband, a numbers-obsessed son, and a cat the size of a canned ham.  She’s the author of THE CLOCKWORK DAGGER steampunk fantasy series from Harper Voyager. The newest book, THE CLOCKWORK CROWN, is out on June 9th, 2015. To find out more about the series and her other works, please visit

Predicting the Future

May 8, 2015

o-FUTURE-900Here’s a new experience for me: the Huffington Post asked me to predict the future!  To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, they asked 10 science fiction authors to predict some aspect of technological or social change that will happen in the next 10 years.  Here’s the article:

10 Science Fiction Writers Predict How Our World Will Change In The Next 10 Years

It’s just one of many possibilities I could have written about.  After you read it, let me know how you would have answered, if they had asked you!


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