Juego Mortal

The Spanish language edition of my Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel Terminal Mind is hitting bookstores in Spain and available from Amazon and in Kindle format. I can’t read the reviews, because they’re in Spanish, too, but I’m certain they loved it. The cover art they came up with for it is pretty creepy, though:

In the meantime, there’s less than two months to go until Quintessence hits bookstores! I’ve been getting interview requests, and the publicity machine at Tor is turning. Mark your calendars for March 19!


David is a science fiction and fantasy author, which gives him the freedom to explore far beyond the limits of real life and the everyday. His books explores themes that skirt the edges of science and religion, such as human origins, the nature of truth, the certainty of death, and the nature of the soul. He does all his writing at home, where he lives with his wife and seven children. It’s a lively and clamorous place, full of fun, love, and chaos. His latest novel is SUPERPOSITION, a quantum physics murder mystery with the same mind-bending, breathless action as films like INCEPTION and MINORITY REPORT. His other works include the Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel TERMINAL MIND, the historical fantasy QUINTESSENCE (Tor, 2013) and its sequel, QUINTESSENCE SKY.

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