David Walton

Quintessence Sky Preview

The release day for QUINTESSENCE SKY is only ten days away!  On November 1, it will be released in both trade paperback and e-book formats.

QUINTESSENCE SKY continues the story of Horizon, the island perched on the edge of the flat Earth.  A strange fire is burning in the heavens, weakening the power of quintessence and sparking tensions between humans and manticores.  Catherine and Matthew push deeper into the island, trying to discover its secrets before their people turn to stone.  In Europe, a Jesuit priest unlocks the secrets of quintessence, but hesitates to hand the power to his king. He must work together with Matthew and Catherine across thousands of miles to rescue a young Princess Elizabeth from death and save the Horizon colony from destruction.

But why wait until November to start reading?  You can read a sample right now.