David Walton

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Ken Liu’s Book

It has come to my attention that Ken Liu’s debut novel, The Grace of Kings, will be coming out on April 7, the VERY SAME DAY as Superposition.  But when you all go to the bookstore on April 7, you know which book you’re going to buy, right?  I mean, let’s forget for the moment that Ken has won the Hugo, the Nebula, and the World Fantasy Award.  (I know, just greedy, right?)  And we’ll ignore the fact that practically every reader of Ken’s short fiction I know has been just waiting for years for him to come out with a novel.  Aaaaand we won’t mention that an early reader of The Grace of Kings told me that this novel is so good, it’s certain to sweep all the awards in 2015.  Because you’re going to buy MY book.  Right?  Right?  I mean, Ken’s book is an epic fantasy, and Superposition is a SF thriller, and all of you avid SF readers aren’t interested in fantasy… well, okay.  I guess there’s only one option.  You’re just going to have to buy them both.