Superposition, For Your Listening Enjoyment

The audio recording for Superposition is complete!  The book is read by LJ Ganser, who does a marvelous job of capturing the voice.  I just heard the preview today for the first time.  And so can you!  Just press play and you can listen to the first 18 minutes.  For the rest, you’ll need to buy it from Audible.  (The full audio book will be released on April 7, the same day as the trade paperback and e-book versions.)

(If the embedded widget doesn’t work for you, you can also listen to it here.)

Some people ask me why I don’t read my own audio books.  This is almost never a good idea!  Even well-spoken authors with experience talking in front of others don’t have the training and experience to read a book like a professional voice actor.  The power of delivery, range of emotion, clarity of presentation, and variety of character styles that a real audio book reader can give is far more than I will ever be able to manage.  So if you like having your books read to you (as I do), give LJ Ganser and Superposition a try!


David is a science fiction and fantasy author, which gives him the freedom to explore far beyond the limits of real life and the everyday. His books explores themes that skirt the edges of science and religion, such as human origins, the nature of truth, the certainty of death, and the nature of the soul. He does all his writing at home, where he lives with his wife and seven children. It’s a lively and clamorous place, full of fun, love, and chaos. His latest novel is SUPERPOSITION, a quantum physics murder mystery with the same mind-bending, breathless action as films like INCEPTION and MINORITY REPORT. His other works include the Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel TERMINAL MIND, the historical fantasy QUINTESSENCE (Tor, 2013) and its sequel, QUINTESSENCE SKY.

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