Best of 2017!

wsjAmazing news: The Wall Street Journal named The Genius Plague one of the best science fiction books of 2017!  They listed only five books.  The other four were:

  • All Our Wrong Todays, by Elan Mastai
  • The Berlin Project, by Gregory Benford
  • Change Agent, by Daniel Suarez
  • Artemis, by Andy Weir

I’m blown away that they picked mine, of all the books that came out this year.  Thanks, WSJ!




David is the internationally bestselling author of THE GENIUS PLAGUE, winner of the 2018 Campbell Award for Best Novel. He loves to read SF and lives near Philadelphia with his wife and eight children. "Walton has brought hard sci-fi roaring back to life." --The Wall Street Journal

One comment

  • I much enjoyed your GENIUS PLAGUE and am happy to see you get such support. Pleased to be with you in the WSJ list !

    Going to worldcon?

    Gregory Benford

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